Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lots of animals!

Little calf and little kid want some milk too, and the camel gets it all!
At Cheri's we got to feed the babies, puppies, goat kids, calf, camel, dogs and kangaroos and...

On October 11th we held a musical fireside. Here is the wonderful cast!
Sister Pasina, Sister Staples and the rest of us were thrilled to be a part of Temeka's baptism. She is an adorable spunky gal!
In Shepparton we enjoyed the "Mooving Art" exhibit. This cow is all dress up in her red shoes and necklace.

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  1. Highlight of my day! I am on my new computer, finally! I love it! I love it even more because I can check your blog! Yea! It is awesome! My kids love to see you in action and especially all the fun animals. Thanks for sharing with us. Maybe I will get back in the swing of things now. We love you tons! Keep the pictures coming.