Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our Flat in Wodonga

Grandpa working at the computer.
Our bedroom
The kitchen and dining area.

Lounge room

Our humble abode in Wodonga.


  1. I am so glad Spencer asked, it is fun to see what your home looks like. I pictured something totally different, now I have the right picture in my mind. It was good to talk with you yesterday! Love you! Mindi

  2. I liked the see no evil hear no evil speak no evil thing. I also thing your humble adobe is cool too.

    grandma and grandpa i liked the baby kangaroo it was so cute.I also thought your house was weird but cool at the same time! I love you guys so much!
    Samantha williams!

    I liked the mercow. And I've seen a real baby kangaroo! love Charly!!!!!!!!!!!