Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Albury Branch Christmas Pageant

December 12, 2009. The Albury Branch Christmas Pageant. Everyone participated by being part of the cast either being citizens who witnesssed the events or the main characters.
Here the wise men bring gifts to the young child, Jesus.

The shepherds find the baby Jesus at the stable, the sheep gather around, notice the Angel of the Lord behind the tree, he had just made his appearance and is standing near to watch over the Baby Jesus.

The shepherds keeping watch over their flock.
Some of the "flock" wandered away and had to be rounded up, but they had a good time!
The World's biggest rolling pin is in Wodonga, VIC, Australia.
You cannot tell, by the picture, but it actually rolls!

Kathleen and Joel with Brigham enjoy an after Thanksgiving Dinner
chat with Elder Nielsen.
We treated them to a "Traditional" Thanksgiving feast. Since this holiday is not observed in Australia, we had a difficult time finding a turkey. When we finally did find one, it was about the size of a glorified chicken. We found cranberry sauce in the American Foods store in Melbourne. Now that the Christmas season is here, both of these items are available locally. Our Thanksgiving Dinner was great and we all had a wonderful time. Unfortunately there was so much going on we did not get a group picture.

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