Wednesday, October 21, 2009

June 29, 2009. Such an unusual cloud formation, I could not resist shooting it.
June 29, 2009. We went to Kathleen's for tea, but she was not there, so we visited with Joel. Kathleen kept calling, clearly having some sort of emergency. Joel finally said her car had broken down near our home and could we please drop him off. When we got to the house, I noticed that lights were on that I had turned off. We went in to find the house all decorated, dinner on the table and food prepared. Katheen had made arrangements with the Sisters to unlock our doors on their way out that afternoon. What they didn't know was that Howard checks and locks all the doors when we leave. So, Kathleen arrived, two kids and dinner in tow and could not get in. She went to a neighbor and asked him to help her break in. They could not get the sliding door to open, so she said, "Okay, we need to pray about this."
So they both knelt down on the cement and prayed. After two more tries the door opened. I don't know if the man is religious or not, he has not responded to our thank you note, but he will definitely believe in the power of prayer!
42nd Anniversary Dinner. Kathleen doing dishes in the background.
Christmas in June Zone Conference, June 22, 2009. Sister Lindley and Elder Petty wearing the new scarfs we received to remind us to be "Righteous in the Dark." It is winter here, the days are shorter and we are in need of the inspiration. The scarfs are embroidered with AMEM, (Australia Melbourne East Mission) Gloves arrived a few weeks later.

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