Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On the top of Huon Hill is this interesting plaque telling how far we (in Wodonga) are from just about anyplace of note in Australia. Just to the lower right of the date is a very long name. It is all one word. How would you like that on a spelling test?
June 15, 2009. Sister Zhang's last day in the Mission Field. We got Subway sandwiches and went to the top of Huon Hill in Wodonga. It is a lovely view of the entire area. We had a terrific time, but we will miss this humble and sincere servant of the Lord. This picture is looking south toward Mt. Beauty.
June 11, 2009. We had a branch activity which was a farewell party for Sister Zhang. We had a great turnout and a wonderful time. Here Sister Zhang pulled the string on a "popper" that shot confetti across the room. She is a cutie.
June 8, 2009. The Wangaratte District met in Beechworth for our Preparation Day and the last P-Day for Sister Zhang and Elder Pauna. It was rainy, but we didn't care. June is the middle of winter here. We drove down a narrow one-way road through "the gorge." We had all stopped to look at the scenery when another car came along and we had to move our cars. President Nielsen thought he could four-wheel in the Camry. The left rear tire is about 18 inches off the ground. Fortunately the other three tires were on solid ground. We love our little white Camry!

President and Sister Nielsen at "the Gorge," Beechworth, VIC, AU. Looking north toward Wodonga.

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